Friday, May 15, 2009

Piano and Opera Collaboration

I attended my daughter's recital on Friday night. The Opera conservatory had made arrangements for student pianists to provide accompaniment for the opera students. I image it is hard enough to practice a song and get it right, but add in student pianists and things get more difficult. I expect it is equally hard for the pianists who must keep time with the student singers as well, with little experience in adjusting on the fly to a singers change in tempo or mistakes.

I have some video, but will not plan to post it without getting some approval.

Edit: I've been told I can record this Wednesday's performance and share that instead. My daughter expects it to be much better.


Bobbie42 said...

I hope you get permission - I've never yet heard Rebecca perform, and with my schedule, I think a video will be the best way. :-)

The Muse said...

I look forward to that!

I feel your bond of family is a wonderful blessing!