Saturday, May 30, 2009


I spent some time making some changes to my blog today. I added a list of blogs I follow. I joined a few more social network services and found a new widget to add to my blog showing all the accounts I have all over the place.

This is my personal blog. It serves as an online journal or diary for myself and my friends. I don't mind sharing it with the world, but know that it is mostly of interest to those who know me. Still, I guess part of my effort today was to build up some more traffic.

Blogging takes some effort. At least here it is fairly easy to find things to post about. Sometimes it is harder to find decent content for my other blog and web sites.


The Four Week Vegan said...

Like the new widgets.

The Muse said...

Me Too!
Yes blogging can sometimes consume...scary thought, but true...

I am glad that I found way here, so long ago..

Now, I am off to wander about and check out the OTHER blog you have :)

PS...I hope that you would consider being a guest blogger one day :)

Anonymous said...

Definitely it takes effort...I know I need to take more time.