Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Birthday Girl

My daughter turned 16 on Wednesday - at 11:00 PM mind you, so our celebration was a tad bit premature. My wife always does such a great job of making people feel special, which she did for my daughter this year. We gave my daughter 16 presents and had her grandparents over for a small family celebration, including chocolate cake, ice cream, and sliced strawberries served with whipped cream.


The Muse said...

Happiest of congratulations to her! How lovely she is : And now I can say also say, what a lovely voice she has! I love the fact that Mom was able to make the birthday so memorable. Sixteen presents, and I am sure she deserved everyone!!!

Note re: your blog comment~~~"David,tis true. And yet snakes are feared by many. None of us care to be bitten! Ah, but to see a dragon!!"

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.