Sunday, November 9, 2008

Personal/Family Web Site

Ok, with all the fun freetoys out on the internet (Blogs, Photo Albums, Groups, Wikis), what can you do with a personal or family web site? Many ISP's give their customers a small patch of web space that they can use for anything they like, including a small business, personal information, etc. But if you have moved your business off to an official address, what can you do with that space that is just sitting around? My earthlink space is no-frills, no-features and had a url that isn't indexed by search engines. Here are some of the things I've found on popular web sites:
  • family genealogies
  • family crests
  • personal interests
  • collections of personal links
  • homeschooling information

So, now I have a new space just for me and my family at that I need to fill with some content. I am leaning towards building out some sort of portal for immediate and extended family. What would you do?

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