Saturday, November 22, 2008


I just had a nice chat with Sonia, a friend I haven't heard from in about 20 years. She still has traces of that odd accent I remember so well. It was very comforting to hear it. It kind of made the time away seem less long.

We've been exchanging e-mails since the middle of September (OK, she was sending and I didn't notice until October) and playing phone tag for a while too.

She has four kids now, works as a church secretary and lives in Bullhead City, near the Colorado River.

I posted about my old friends not to long ago. I am hoping to hook up with some of them this week after Thanksgiving.


The Muse said...

Nice that you have found old friends...hope your visit with them goes well!

David said...

Thank you. Have to say that your blog is quite a work of art.