Saturday, November 15, 2008


I've been complaining about my internet service for quite a while. When we lived in Stanton, CA the city was low end, but my DSL was rock solid (except during a few rainstorms when the complex flooded). Fullerton, CA is a very nice city, but my DSL connection here has been horrible. It is about a third of the speed I was used to and it drops connection regularly.

I've heard good thing about cable internet in my area, but since I do all sorts of extra things on my internet connection, I've been reluctant to sign-up. I use VPN to connect to remote sites. I have a number of web enabled applications that I like to access from the Internet. Cable doesn't like you hosting web sites on your cable Internet connection.

U-verse has become available in my neighborhood recently. Run by AT&T, it uses Fiber To The Node (FTTN) to get a data connection to the neighborhood. Your existing copper lines are then used to get the data into your home.

U-verse is AT&T's way of providing video services, and you can't get it without signing up for the video services. We already have DirecTV and are committed for one more year. I am also concerned about down time since we use the Internet daily, including for homeschooling.

Still, I keep looking for a solution to our Internet connection problems. Maybe I can sign-up for U-verse in the near future. What's your experience with U-verse?

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