Sunday, January 11, 2009

Garage Sale

My wife was gone all day on Saturday. I missed her, but I was extremely proud of her.

A few years back my wife and her friend Shellie set up a homeschool park day. Shellie moved to New Mexico shortly after, leaving the park day event for my wife to coordinate. She has been faithfully organizing it ever since and has been the primary host and greeting party for all new visitors. I took my kids over to a birthday party and felt like I was being treated like royalty, all the while being introduced as the husband of "The Founder of Park Day". I've taken every opportunity to tease my wife about this telling her things like "they must buzz around you like your the queen bee" and "they must make you sit in the mush pot as they circle around their founder". All in good fun on my part, though I am sure she gets a bit perturbed at times. I know all her friends at Park Day have a great respect for her, as do I.

One of the families that regularly attends Park Day has hit financial problems, with both parents now unemployed. The families of Park Day organized a garage sale. I am not sure who, but am pretty sure my wife was somehow involved. She spent all day Saturday working the garage sale, from 6:00 a.m. to around 5:00 p.m. I know they raised a considerable amount of money, but won't quote the figure here to protect the innocent. They will also be having another garage sale with all the left overs, so the job is not done yet.

I know my wife will not toot her own horn about this, but I wanted everyone to know how proud I am of her and everyone from Park Day that got involved.


Linda Magid said...

Wonderful for her for being so big hearted and wonderful for you for sharing her greatness.

The Four Week Vegan said...

Thankfully, parkday is member-driven and very relaxed. Not much organizing, just show up and chat :)

Loved how well the garage sell went. It is so inspiring to see people pull together to help others.

The Muse said...

She sounds like a very caring and deeply loving woman...I am happy that the two of you have such harmony :)

Thank you for supporting the 100th post...!!! Much appreciated :) :)